Alexander Wedman
About Me

Hello, I'm Alexander Wedman. I'm a 25 year old programmer living outside Stockholm, Sweden. I'm currently studying Game Programming at Future Games. I strive to learn and create fun experiences for other people to enjoy. I appreciate a good mental exercise trying to solve unique problems.

Starting with simple websites and Flash-games, moving on to creating mods and maps for any game that would allow it. Back in elementary school I made a Flash-based schedule application targeting phones for my classes, which came to be passed around by a bunch of classmates. It was the first time I made something that could be of use to others, which made me realize I wanted to make things for other people to enjoy. Since then I've been working primarily in C# and C++ — inside and outside of engines.

I've always had an interest in many of the other disciplines surrounding game development, everything from animation to sound design. None of which has fit me quite as well as programming. Having some experience with each of them has given me a better understanding of the complete workflow and process, with the added bonus of being able to create placeholders as I need them.

Some of my other interests include producing music, traveling, cooking, binge-watching series and playing games.